mail-notification SSL/TLS

This text explains a simple workaround for mail-notification in Debian/Ubuntu distributions, where the package has been built without SSL-support. In the web, you can find two workarounds: The first is a documentaion, where you are told to recompile the package with the missing libssl-support.

The second is trying to work with unmodified packages. This has the advantage that you won´t lose changes, when you are upgrading your distribution to a newer version.

Simply install stunnel4 with

aptitude install stunnel4

and put a configuration like this into /etc/stunnel4/:

===== Begin
; stunnel configuration file

; Some security enhancements for UNIX systems - comment them
; out on Win32
chroot = /var/run/stunnel4/
setuid = stunnel4
setgid = stunnel4
; PID is created inside chroot jail
pid = /

; Some performance tunings
socket = l:TCP_NODELAY=1
socket = r:TCP_NODELAY=1
compression = rle

; Workaround for Eudora bug

; Some debugging stuff useful for troubleshooting
;debug = 7
;output = /var/log/stunnel4/stunnel.log

; Use it for client mode
client = yes

; Service-level configuration

accept = localhost:1143
connect =

accept = localhost:1144
connect = some.other.imap.server:993

; vim:ft=dosini
===== End

Then enable stunnel4 in /etc/default/stunnel4 and start it with
/etc/init.d/stunnel4 start

After doing this, you may configure mail-notification. Put localhost and ports
1143, …, into your connection fields.

Inside General:
Server: localhost

Inside Connection:
Standard Port 1143

This is working for me 😉

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